Monday, July 2, 2007

What is God doing in my life?

God has been real faithful in showing me my sin this week. It all started last Saturday when I was helping the staff clean cabins between Family Camps. I chose to clean the toilets! I was really PROUD of my work when I was done cleaning all ten of them. When I finished I was on cloud nine! (I told you that I don't get out much) Well on Wednesday, Ernie told me the things that I cleaned wrong. I was devastated!!! My pride was so wounded. I went home and vowed never to clean another toilet outside my house. Jeff just laughed and encouraged me to go CONQUER those toilets!! I realized then how easy it is for me to just give up when I don't feel appreciated. I have such a fear of man. I want to please everyone, but according to Galatians 1:10, if I fear man then I am not a servant of Christ!! OUCH! The next Saturday, I went out to clean again with the staff. I chose toilets again, I was determined to conquer them. I went to do my job and things were different this time. My boss had changed and her way of doing things did not match what I thought was best. Within 10 minutes, I had spoken rudely to her twice and I left to go home crying. I was a mess. I prayed and prayed my whole way home and back to my job. God showed me my sin of stubbornness. I can be submissive to my authorities when things are going my way, but watch out if they don't!! I also have great difficulty being flexible when things abruptly change. When I returned to the job, I immediately asked my boss to forgive me for my bad attitude. She forgave me and I went to conquer those toilets. I had a great time hearing from the Lord the rest of the day. I am so needy of His direction and discipline. (Just writing this makes me see in print who my children get their bad attitudes from.....ME!!)


Karen said...

You can come clean my toilets any time and I won't complain and will pat you on the back too:) Seriously, it's funny how the little things are the BIGGEST issues!

lisatatj said...

sounds like you are talking about me.... i always feel that i am not teachable...that is what i always call it. I get upset if i did something wrong, cuz i want everyone to think the best of me (fear of man) and i have a bad attitude if i have to be corrected (bad attitude and pride) thanks for being real about yourself and teaching/reminding me in the you tons

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