Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tid bits

We passed a church sign tonight on our way home from Granger. Here was the saying......Kneel or no deal. We thought that was neat.
Some of you are probably excited about this, but there will be no pictures posted until the girls get back next Thursday. We allowed them to take my camera to North Carolina. I miss taking pictures and posting them. I feel like I don't have much to say without them.
We talked to the girls tonight. They are having fun away from home. I have been told that they have not been going to bed nights before midnight! They have got to be exhausted!! I asked about their attitudes and I was told that they are doing great. Praise the Lord! Tomorrow they are going shopping. Emily is really looking forward to this, but I doubt that Lauren is.
Jocelyn Mann is spending the night with Amy. I wish that I had my camera. They are so cute together.
I can't believe that another week of camp is almost over! The Boitnots (not sure of spelling) are speaking this week. I told myself and the kids at the begining of summer, that we wouldn't be going to any of the services except for one week and that was last week. I was wrong though. We have already gone to a couple of services this week and I am so glad that we did. Tuesday morning was the usual funny marriage stuff. Today was split sessions. The guys went somewhere else, while we ladies stayed in the Tab. I enjoyed this time so much. After the teaching time, Deborah allowed the ladies to discuss what they had learned and this time was GREAT!! I wish that we could have talked together for many hours. There was such wisdom in this group of ladies. I kept my mouth shut and just listened to all that they had to say.

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