Saturday, June 16, 2007

They left today

Lauren and Emily left today around 12:30! Yes, I did cry for a little bit. The van windows were tinted, so I wasn't actually able to see them very well, that fact alone kept me from crying too long! Another fact is that I will see them again in less than two weeks!! I CAN'T WAIT!!

Okay, I have turned into my parents. I knew that this was a possibility, but it still through me for a loop. This morning before the girls left, we wanted to spoil them and spend a little extra time with them. We only had an hour, so we took them to Mc Donald's for some ice cream. We found a parking spot and Jeff was turning off the van when I thought, "Seven people at Mc Donald's is going to cost a small fortune!!" It was at that point that I suggested going to the grocery store and buying a whole box of ice cream sandwiches, for a lot less money! Jeff said, "No, we are here, let's do something special." I (like my dad) am thinking, "Let's get the cheapest thing!" Nope, they decide on a Mc Flurry at $2.10 A PIECE! I (like my dad) was now thinking, "We could buy almost an entire half gallon of ice cream for that much!" I had a bad attitude at this point. It killed me to order 5 Mc Flurries, for a grand total of more than $11.00!! I refused to order Joel and myself one, I just couldn't do it!! So I opted for the FREE ice water. I got the order and took it over to the table where they were all waiting. I got a good look inside of the Mc Flurry cups and realized that they were not more than 2/3 full. I was really upset now. I (like my mom) said, "Let me have those back, I will go complain to the manager." Nope, Jeff said, "Leave it alone. Let's just enjoy what we have." I (like my mom) walked away at that point. I couldn't stand there and watch them waste money like that. I was no fun to be with and wasn't enjoying this SPECIAL time out. It was then that I realized that I had turned into my parents. I remember special times out with my parents, that were no fun for me because of these exact thoughts that I was having. I purposed in my heart to go be with my family and to just enjoy the moment that I was able to have with them. I forgot about the ice cream in the cups and just smiled at the ice cream on their faces!
(I have always known that I was a tight wad like my Dad and an avenger of wrong like my mom. I have just never been both at the same time! I love you, Mom and Dad! You have taught me well.)

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Jen said...

Judith - I think that same thing just about every time we go out for ice cream. I sometimes won't buy a half gallon if ice cream if it's more than $3, but for some reason I'll go pay $2 for 1 scoop. It's beyond my cheap little mind why I'm willing to pay for convenience when I could be getting so much more for so much less!

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