Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is now the front of our house. No more ugly dirt and mess!

Jeff worked SO hard to get the big rocks put in. Then he had to go dig the dirt to put in the rock bed. Last he had to find the mulch to put over the dirt in the rock bed. This would never have happened without Jeff!! (Thank you, Honee!)

The pretty plants were put in by a wonderful Family Camp family.

I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Now it is my job to keep everything looking pretty!!


Thomas and Lisa said...

Looks beautiful!

Judith, I understand now the challenges you expressed about community living. The girls are never with us it seems prefering to be off with their friends including Annalise. Even at meals they are scattered about.

Jen said...

your flowers look great! hardly looks like the same chalet i remember when i was last at the larcc 9 years ago!

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