Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Today I want to honor my dad!

One of my earliest memories I have of my dad was the time he took me riding on his motorcycle. I remember having a blast. I was a real thrill seeker and that ride met that desire. My other memories of Dad, when I was young, include many times of my dad taking me to his favorite hang out with him. (My parents were divorced when I was young, so not many of my memories include times of my parents together.) Those early years of my life were hard.
Life for me got much better when I was 12 and we moved to Florida. My mom and my step dad lived in Naples, FL. I lived with my dad in Bradenton, FL. Dad didn't have a hang out place to go to anymore, so we spent many an hour together at home. I loved those years!! Dad and I were best friends. He took such special care of me. He always had time to listen to my every word. I remember him reading the news paper and always putting it down to listen to me talk. I had his undivided attention whenever I wanted it and I still do!
Another thing that Dad would do for me, was come fill up my car with fuel while I was in school. He would drive his car too my school, park it, and then take my car and fill it up! He was so thoughtful about those kinds of things.
Dad never made me follow any spoken rules. Whenever I wanted permission for something, he would talk me through it. He would give me the pros and cons of both ways and let me decide what I thought was best!! He trusted me. I believe that trust kept me out of most trouble. (I don't advise this kind of training for all children, but it worked for me.)
Dad was very excited for me when I was accepted by Life Action. I was only 18, but he let me leave him to do something greater than just being his daughter. I hated to leave him. We talked constantly on the phone those first couple of years. He used to write me letters too! I felt cherished by him. I was Daddy's little girl. (I sort-of miss those years!)
I mentioned in my last post how I am a tight wad because of my dad. He was the first person to take me garage sale shopping. It is still one of my favorite hobbies!! He taught me how to do it right and I have been very successful ever since! I have even taught my friends how to do it.
Something bad that Dad taught me to dirty every dish in the kitchen before we washed them! NO JOKE!! I have eaten out of some pretty strange things!
Dad taught me how to turn unused lights off. We may have lived like slobs, but we didn't waste electricity!!
He has taught me how to be a giver. He takes care of people. If he has something that you need, he gives it to you. He enjoys meeting needs, but never wants to feel used. (Who does, for that matter?)
Dad is always himself. You either take him like he is or you don't. He doesn't try to impress people. On the phone today, he told me about when he went to a real fancy restaurant wearing his everyday clothes. (holey sneakers, plaid shirt and shorts) He wasn't the least bit embarrassed.
One last thing, my dad has a wonderful smile. That smile always makes me feel loved when I am with him. Thanks Dad for being so special. I love you very much!!

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