Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seven little girls

Today we celebrated Emily's Birthday with her friends. Emily and six of her friends went bowling and then to Mc Donald's for some ice cream. It was quite a day of fun. The girls get along very well and they like to laugh a lot! Bowling was pretty uneventful, but the ice cream excursion was very eventful. First of all, just imagine the time that it took SEVEN girls to decide what they wanted to order at Mc Donald's!!! We kept having to let people go in front of us. They even opened up another line, just to help with the back up that we created. When we finally figured it all out, three of the girls ordered sundaes. We received these "sundaes" with no hot fudge or nuts. I asked about the missing items. I was told that it would cost me another .30 cents each "sundae" for the toppings!! I was shocked. I had never heard of sundaes without toppings!! I refused to pay extra for the toppings, so the girls had plain ice cream in a cup. Before they had eaten to much of their ice cream, I noticed a friend from church. I went over to see her and told her about our "sundae" experience. I told her never to order one from this place. She was shocked too. She got up and went behind the counter and talked to the manager. (I forgot that she was the district manager for Mc Donald's! OOPS) Well she got it all figured out. We got our toppings for free and got a free sundae for me. The lady that took our order was apparently new, toppings don't cost extra. After everything was eaten we only had one more incident, one of the girls lost her purse in Mc Donald's. We found it quite quickly and we headed home.

This picture of Joel was taken yesterday. He put the blanket around himself and then posed for the picture. He has not been feeling well for almost a week now. He has a runny nose and a cough. His sickness is why he has a binky in his hand. He had that binky in his mouth when I went to take the picture. As soon as I told him to say, "Cheese", he pulled out the binky and said, "Cheese!" He is really starting to try to talk. I love this stage.


Mom said...

That's my girl Judith, fight for justice, don't back down when you know you are right.

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

That's so funny. Back in May, I ordered take out McD's, and when I got to the park and opened the little box of chicken nuggets, it was full of nasty slices of that plasticy American cheese. I called and they said, Oh, someone had ordered extra cheese and we must not have marked the box. SO they sent me a coupon for a free Happy Meal, which I used this week with Holly here.

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