Friday, July 6, 2007

Guardian Angels

This is what Joel looks like after feeding himself pizza and an ice cream sandwich!! He sure looks happy doesn't he? He has no idea how truly happy he should be tonight. While Joel and I went shopping this afternoon we were almost hit by a car. We were walking between two stores and Praise the Lord we didn't get hit by the car that ran up onto the curb. The car missed us by about five seconds. It came speeding up onto the curb, abruptly reversed inches from hitting the concrete wall, and sped away backwards through the parking lot!! We had just passed that exact spot about five seconds earlier. I was putting Joel into a shopping cart only about four or five feet from the car when it happened. When the car left, I just stood there shaking and thanked God for protecting us. From what I could figure out, the driver was not drunk. His car was malfunctioning. As I was entering another store, I spotted him putting some kind of fluid in his car. I pray that he made it home safely. I learned a huge lesson from this experience......don't pray that the Lord would show you that you truly have guardian angels protecting you!!! I prayed that prayer just this morning!!!

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