Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy 11th Birthday, Emily!!

This post is dedicated to Emily Kay Herdklotz! She is now the sweet age of 11! Emily is quite a little lady, but she can also play with the boys at a drop of a hat! She loves anything camouflage. She enjoys swimming, soccer, riding bikes, playing cowboys and indians, singing and playing with just about anyone. She can usually be found with a smile on her face. She calls me, "Mama". It seems like just yesterday that she had that chubby little face and body that she was born with. Now she is all thinned out and looking very grown up. We took some fun pictures today and I thought I would share them with you all.

This last one is my favorite!! This is how I see her most often. She really is a delightful child to raise. I love you, Emily.

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Karen said...

She's also such a joy to her neighbors :) She is so good with the boys and will be a great Mama herself one day! I love her sweet spirit!

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