Sunday, April 8, 2007

My dream homes

These homes are absolutely beautiful. My mom works for the company that builds and sells them. (starting price over $1,000,000.) We had a chance to walk through a few of them today. We had so much fun. I have some great ideas now to give to Extreme Makeover, if they ever call us!! These houses are GORGEOUS and the view that they have of the mountains was awesome. I wish that you could have been there with us. I also wish that I would have gotten better pictures. I hope that you get the idea of how nice they are. (Nice, but in my opinion not worth a MILLION dollars!! Can you even imagine having enough money to buy one of these? There is just too many other things that I could do with that kind of money to even think about spending it on a house!) Oh well, it was fun to just dream!

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