Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bible Quiz?

I read the strangest thing in my Bible today! (I don't recall ever reading it before, but I must have.) I read about the boy that fell asleep in church, during the message and fell out the window to his death!! When I asked Jeff about it, he knew immediately where it was found. Do you know where to find this story?


Karen said...

It's in Acts isn't it? He was listening to Paul I think... or a least I remember he was part of the early church. Maybe it was Peter he was listening to?..

Jody Jennings said...

Without looking it up, I don't know the chapter/verse, but I pretty sure its in Acts and it is when Paul was speaking. He was speaking a long long time, it was getting late. Then he is revived. Its kind of funny. There's a guy in our little church who falls asleep a lot...

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