Friday, March 9, 2007

Several thoughts

I have so many little things running through my head. I hope that you don't mind my random thoughts tonight.
My mother-inlaw is doing great. Thank you for praying for her. She is home now. She went into surgery yesterday and she was better than they thought. She didn't even require a stent. I have heard that she is sore and tired, but doing great!
Joel went to nursery tonight at Granger. My GREAT friend Maria was in charge of the nursery and she was willing to let Joel cry as long as he needed to. He cried at first, but he did very well over the course of the night!!! We are so excited and HOPEFUL!!! He also went to bed very well for Jeff tonight. YIPPEE Joel!!
Today is my favorite neighbor's birthday. Happy Birthday, Karen!! I love you, friend. Thank you for puting up with me day after day! You are VERY creative and I enjoy being with you! I also love your smile and your laugh.
Tomorrow is a day off from school here. Jeff will be going to work while the office is empty, and he will once again take off Wednesday. I will be busy cleaning this house. I have let "somethings" go while working at Granger.
Today Lauren, Joel, and I went for a walk. The temperatures were in the 50's! I look so forward to this summer. Joel is going to be a blast. He loves the outside.
Joel is a very fun eater. This means he wants try new things. He gets bored of the same things. Tonight I made a tater tot casserole. Only three ingredients and the children loved it!!
One last thought and I am done for the night. I got an email from my brother-in-law today. It was labeled "For you chocolate lovers!!" I opened it and this is what he had written about the attachment. (Good News!! I thought of you immediately! Joe) That was very funny, Joe. You know me too well!!
Well, goodnight everyone.

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