Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where else can you....

These two pictures are from Friday. It was a beautiful day, but still very chilly. I was out taking Joel for a walk and we found Jeff doing some work outside. We all had on our winter coats and snow was everywhere.
These are from today! Where else can a child wear a winter coat on Friday and then wear a bathing suit on Sunday? Can you tell how anxious we are for summer to come? It really isn't that warm outside (49 degrees and snow still on the ground), but kids just don't seem to care. I will say that the 49 degrees feels a lot warmer with the sun out. (Not warm enough to find me out in a bathing suit, but warmer!) Our van is now clean and the children are inside to watch a movie.
Yesterday I spent a good part of my day organizing our storage stuff. I have two van loads full of just garage sale stuff. It is so exciting to get rid of clutter!! I can't believe the stuff I have held onto for years. We are in the "get rid of it" mood and that is what we are finally doing!!

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