Friday, March 2, 2007

More Friends

My friend Rachel Pappas asked me if I would watch her three children for a couple of hours today. Everyone had so much fun. The time seemed to fly by. The girls played house. In the picture of the girls are Samantha, Reagan, Emily, and Amy. Samantha was the mom for most of the time. She is real sure of herself and knows just how to be the mom. She spent a long time "vacuuming" my floors with one of Joel's toys and talking on the phone. She is very funny to listen to. Reagan was the baby. Amy at one point spoon fed lunch to Reagan. The two of them sat at the table for about twenty minutes feeding and eating! It was precious to watch. The boys played basketball in the living room. They had a lot of fun. Joel enjoyed watching everyone else play. He laughed and tried to be a part of it all. The only child that did not have fun was Lauren. She woke up feeling just fine, but soon after our guests arrived she got sick. I just pray that no one else gets sick!
I cleaned our bathroom yesterday. While I was cleaning it I wondered to myself, "Why don't I like to clean." I grew up basically an only child. If anyone made a mess it was ME! My mom was a real neat freak. I would keep my stuff clean and no one messed it up on me. NOT SO NOW! I clean and they just go right behind me and mess it all up again! Don't get me wrong, they do a lot work around this house. With so many people in this small house it never stays clean for very long at all. I am stating all this, because I realized yesterday that it doesn't matter if I like cleaning or not....I still have to do it! I am the MOM!

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