Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday night is here!

Tonight is THE Friday night sleepover that they all have been waiting for. Everything is going so well!! We really need to do this more often. The kids are all getting along without any trouble. We have Joanna, Joshua, and Mary Maines for this special night.

I was allowing all the children the chance to stay up late. Everyone had a blast staying up, but Joel tuckered out before his time. He was just so happy that I hated to put him to bed before everyone else. Then all of a sudden he crawled up into Jeff's lap and fell asleep!
We might be getting a new refrigerator. I went to a Whirlpool outlet center today and they have some great deals. I think that we can get a really nice 21 cubic foot one for under $600.00. We are not rushing to get it, but we are talking about it. We were given some money and our current refrigerator makes HORRIBLE, loud noises all the time. I kind of hate getting a new one when we really don't need it, but it sure would be nice!!

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