Sunday, February 18, 2007

I am SO bad!

My mom would do this to me ALL the time. She would come up with some falsehood and convince me that it was true. She loved playing with me like that. My whole family did it to me. I believed some really funny things. At one point in my life, my Uncle Harvey had me convinced that I would become a BOY when I grew up!! He was a hoot! He was always coming up with something to convince me of. I loved it when I was little and I still do. Now to carry on this strange (but oh so fun) tradition I do the same thing to my children. Today's joke is so much fun. The children have had a sleepover planned for this Friday night, but things have "kind of" changed. Lauren and I have convinced Emily, Daniel and Amy that congress has passed a new law. There will be NO Friday this week. Their freinds will not be able to come over this week and spend the night, because Friday has been canceled. (You really have to be good at keeping a straight face during these times of convincing them. It is a great ability that I have gotten from my mom! She is one of the best at this art.) Well you may be asking yourself, "How did she convince them of something so silly." Good question, for those that asked it. I just told them that too many people go out and party on Friday nights and don't spend enough time at home with their families. So congress canceled Friday so that people would stay home! Daniel said, "That is a great idea!" He and Amy believed us in no time at all, but they are very disappointed that they "have to wait until next week". Emily was a little harder to convince, but she fell for it. Don't worry.... I will tell them the truth at supper tonight! I am sure that we will all get a great laugh out of this one.


Karen said...

How could you be so mean! :) So do they still believe you.. I could play along if you want me to!

Mom said...

You are so GOOD and I am so proud of you. I laughed so hard, my CM here at work wondered what I was laughing about.I still pull it on my firends and the guys here at work. It's fun.

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