Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To much not to share

Tonight at Granger was quite the night! I thought that you might enjoy some of the details. We had 6 more children than last night. Last night was calm and quiet, tonight was anything but calm. We had some REAL characters, who will remain nameless. One of the first little girls in.... was Miss ENERGY! I promise you she never sat still the entire night. She ate her popcorn and watched the movie all while walking around. She was as cute as could be, but very busy. I will forever think of her as "the little butterfly". Character number two was a sweet, seven year old boy. He talked and acted far above his years. He kept asking me math problems to show me how smart he was. (he did consistently get them wrong, but he sounded so confident of his answer) I really enjoyed this guy. My favorite time with him was when we were playing Duck, Duck, Goose. We play it differently. Instead of using Duck and Goose, you have to use other words. For example...chocolate, chocolate, vanilla/ dot, dot, stripe/ happy, happy, sad. You get the picture. Well, Mr. Math was so proud of himself for coming up with a great one. He started out...church, church, church, prister! He did prister to me. I did not get up like I was supposed to, I just sat there going, "Prister, what does prister mean?" He looked at me and said, "You know...Prister!" (as if I didn't hear him the first time) I said, "No, I don't know prister. What are you saying?" He stood there for a couple of seconds and then he realized what he meant to say. He said, "Oh, Minister!" We all laughed so hard. He had blended preacher and minister and came up with PRISTER. He was adorable. Characters number three and four came as a couple. They are "boyfriend and friend". She just turned 5 today and he is much older than her...he is 6 and a FAMOUS dodge ball player! (I know this because he told me so) They apparently have been a couple for sometime. The older sister of the little girl told my helper and I all about how much these two "love" each other. We couldn't keep these two apart from each other, they always some how ended up together. I am not too worried about this "relationship", I have known this family for years, they won't let this go on for too long.
Jeff had an award ceremony to go to at the Tab. He was here on the property so we left the children home watching movies. Don't worry grandparents, he had the cell phone if they needed him. They did a great job as far as I know. The only CATASTROPHE was that Joel some how, for how long I don't know, played in the (flushed) toilet while everyone was busy watching movies. Yes, I agree that is DISGUSTING!!! How I discovered it was worse, but you don't need those details. Well there was nothing I could do about it except wash him up and change his clothes and PRAY that he doesn't get sick!
Let me end on a happier note. Amy had me pull her tooth out tonight. She was so excited!
Jeff worked last Saturday, so tomorrow is his day off!!! Yippee. I get to spend time with my husband tomorrow. We will not be working at Granger, so the entire day will be a day OFF! (except for school, house cleaning, and cooking that is)

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