Thursday, February 22, 2007


Amy actually chose this outfit on purpose!! As Karen pointed out, Amy dresses with personality. I must admit, somehow it works for her. She will probably never be accused of not wearing enough color!
Emily on the other hand dresses a little less colorful. For now, I like her choosing Joel's outfit for the day. Can you imagine what Amy would dress him in?
Onto a totally different subject. The highlight of my day yesterday was taking Joel outside for a "run". He was so excited to be outside. I took him for a walk, but he didn't walk....he ran!! He is going to be another child that loves the great outdoors and all the activities that it offers. Out of five children only one likes to stay inside, during the winter, like me. I am not complaining. I enjoy that they love being outside, I just don't understand it!!
I got a blender for Christmas. I need help!! Do any of you have some great receipes for fruit smoothies or milkshakes? Please send them to me ASAP!!

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Grammie said...

Amy Jo, you are a lady I am inspired by, love the way you dress
and all your color. Continue on and be true to your self.
Emily, Thank goodness you dress Joel, two bright dressers would be too much I think.

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