Sunday, February 18, 2007

Karen and I survived!

Saturday the 17th of Febuary, 2007 was the ABSOLUTE BEST day of shopping I have ever had!! Karen and I left home at 10:00 am and did not return until 11:30 PM!! 13 1/2 hours of being away from our HOUSE and just being together. At one point today, Jeff accused me of running away from home, without him knowing it. He said, "I was leading him to believe that I was just a half hour away shopping for the day, but in all acuality I was half way across the country!" (I must admit, we were gone long enough to pull that one off!) I love his sense of humor, he makes me laugh everyday!
I have never felt so good while shopping. I know that a GREAT part of my awesome time, had everything to do with the excellent sales that we found! I feel like I do when I have found a great garage sale. Today was better than a garage sale day. Probably my best bargain of the day was the $84.00 coat for....... $5.97! My favorite buy was my $2.00 shower curtain hooks. They were the EXACT ones that I have been praying for!! The next super buy was... next year's winter coat set for Joel (hopefully he will be able to wear it for two years, I got it big enough). The set included a coat, snow pants, gloves and a hat!! I got it all for FREE! Well....I did have to open a charge card, purchase it on the card and then they took $15.00 off my total. The total for the set came to $13.67, so I had to charge the pairs of gloves that I was also buying. I charged them, then I paid the bill right there with cash, I owe them nothing. Now all I have to do is cancel the card when it comes in the mail and cut it up!! I love the way these things work! Next, my lunch and dinner didn't cost me a dime. My wonderful mother saw to that. She sent all 7 of us a gift certificate for our favorite resturant for Valentine's Day!! She also set $5.00 extra in my envelope. I used up my gift certificate and the extra $5.00 today. Thank you Mom!!
I bought a few other special things, but I won't bore you with anymore details. I need to get to bed now, it is 1:40 in the morning.

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