Saturday, February 24, 2007

An eventful Saturday

Today had lots of exciting things happen. Daniel had a basketball game. He is number 4. I realize that the picture is hard to see, but Daniel is the one with the black shoes on heading toward the basket. He had some friends come to see him play. Mr. Ray, Titus, and Donnie are seated next to Amy watching the game.

Lauren had a friend here for the day. She and Deborah played many games together. They also went down to the kitchen to help Jeff cook supper for the men's retreat that is here. Lauren had a great time finally having someone over her age. Most of the children that stay over are younger than Lauren. Thank you Lord for friends. I must say that Deborah was not only fun for Lauren, but she was a lot of fun for Amy too!! Amy really likes Deborah. Thank you Deborah, for including Amy in your fun!

Amy, Emily, and Joanna had fun with playdough. Joanna is a great to have around. She is fun for the whole family (and the family next door). She adores Joel, plays with Emily, and talks to me. I consider her a friend of mine. Both girls are Maines' and I loved having them over. I look forward to the next time they are allowed to come play.

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Mom said...

Judith, you are a very good and brave Mom to entertain so many children at once.

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