Monday, March 5, 2007


Many of my blog friends are making lists. Here is my list for today!

Mistakes I have made as a mother.
1. Want things MY way
2. Spanked out of frustration instead of out of love
3. Saw their negative character traits instead of their postive ones
4. Spoke in harsh tones (yelled at them)
5. Forgot to smile
6. Didn't enjoy them when they were small
7. Didn't believe that God could really change them or me
8. Get caught up in the day and forget to just hold them!!!

I have made many more mistakes than these, but these are the major ones. My children are growing up so fast and I really regret the mistakes that I have made. The Lord and I have been working on my mothering skills. Praise the Lord I am no longer the angry mom that I was when the three older ones were little. My children have forgotten that mommy and Amy and Joel will never have to meet her! It has taken me years to forgive myself and to change to the mom I am now. I have so much fun with them and we really enjoy ourselves together.

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