Saturday, March 3, 2007


I woke up early this morning with Jeff. (He went to work today, while no one else was in the office, so that he could concentrate and get a lot of work done!) I read my Bible and prayed and then I went back to sleep. I figured the children would wake me up when they got up. I was wrong. They are getting old enough to do my job for me every once in a while. I woke up all on my own at....10:30!! I came out of my room and saw everyone eating Emily's homemade pancakes for breakfast. (Didn't she do a great job with the pancakes?) The children had taken care of Joel and made sure that he had eaten. Everyone was enjoying watching a movie. A lot of people told me that life gets harder as the children grow up. I 100% TOTALLY disagree!! Things are different, and some aspects are harder, but I will take them any day over four children 6 and under! It was SO hard when they were all young, I never want to go back to those days. My neighbor next door has three children
under 5. I remember what it was like and all I can say is, "You will make it through, you are not a horrible mom, and life will get a whole lot easier in a few years."


Emily said...

Not that I want to wish these preschool/baby years away, but wow, I am pretty envious. But, so thrilled you had a great Saturday morning.

Randa Clay said...

You obviously have done a great job with your kids. That word of encouragement at the end of your post was something I needed to read, and I've only got one child (19 mo.) I guess every mother feels as though she is a terrible mother now and then. I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for linking to my site. It was such a nice thing to see as I was looking at my incoming links today. I appreciate it. God bless!

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