Thursday, February 15, 2007

I did it!!

I lost a total of 6 pounds so far!!! I can start my book TODAY!!!

It is now much later in the day...I never started the book. I will save it for the weekend. It is so hard to start a book when I have to do school with the children the next day. I will start it tomorrow after lunch.
Many of you know that I teach a class for children, once a week, at a church. I do this on Thursday nights. Tonight I was asking my class of K-1st graders what they got for their mommies for Valentine's Day. These children went all out for their mommies. Some of the things were boxes of chocolate, flowers, cards, and homemade gifts. Well... Amy is in my class, and to be funny I was making a point to her that she got me nothing! I asked in front of everyone, "Amy Jo what did you get for YOUR mommy?" I expected her to say, "Nothing". She was too quick for that and she had an answer. She very confidently said,"I gave her time to rest!!" Well I busted up laughing. She said, "What? I went outside and played for the afternoon." She was right...she did give me one of my favorite gifts...time to rest!! I just love that child so much.


Emily said...

Yay for you. I still want to know what book it is.

Mom said...

Well, Judith, Amy Jo was right on and that was the funniest remark I've heard. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss.

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