Wednesday, February 7, 2007

He keeps us on our toes!

Here are some pictures of different things that Joel has done recently. The first one is a picture of Joel stuck in the lid of our kindling box. The next one is him playing in the laundry basket. Emily giving Joel a piggy back ride is the next one. They have so much fun together. Amy is the sleeping child with the hat on. She wore that hat all day and didn't want to take it off lastnight. The last picture is of Joel finishing his breakfast. We thought he was done. I got him out of his highchair and let him go play. I forgot about him until I heard one of the children yell, "Look at Joel!" He was sitting on the floor feeding himself. I guess he wasn't done! I hope that I am not boring you with all these photos. It is just so hard for me not to share them with you.

I have a great diet plan to tell you about. I find it very motivating. I am in the middle of an excellent book series. It is the kind that you just can't put down once you start. Well I have told myself that I can not move on to the next book until I have lost 5 pounds! I have been working on it since last week and I am down 4 1/2 pounds already. I am following Weight Watchers and exercising four days a week. I can't wait to get that last 1/2 pound off, I have the book loaned from the library and just sitting on my counter waiting for me!! I will try to keep you posted. I want to lose a total of 15 pounds.

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what's the book?

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