Monday, January 22, 2007

Life with 10 children!

Not only did I SURVIVE 5 extra children, but I really enjoyed them the entire day. We had such a great time together. We did school, played in the Snack Shop, ate lunch, went sledding, played playdough, and watched part of a movie. I was also told very funny joke. Why was the little ant so confused? (Because all his uncles were ants!) Well....I thought it was funny!
This picture is of the them all eating lunch. Going around from left to right...Joshua Norris, Lauren, Amy, Nathaniel N., Peter N., Mark Wreford(His mom Tammy came by to spend the afternoon with me! We had alot of fun together. We made homemade rolls and soup. Thank you for coming over. I hope your car is okay!) and the rest of the group is Daniel, Emily, and Jessica N. (Joel was in bed at the time of the picture.) The children were wonderful. I even asked if I could have them back on Friday. Their mom is out of town for the week and dad needs the break!
I better go for now. This has taken alot of time.

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