Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We received a great surprise today. A REALLY thoughtful friend sent us a complete set of the Jonathan Park CD series. They are excellent adventure stories for kids and adults. They each talk about why creation is true and why evolution is wrong. Each story talks about a different reason for both. We are VERY excited to own such good material for the family to listen to. Praise the Lord for giving these to us.
We got a little more snow today. The children spent most of the afternoon outside in it. Daniel didn't even come home for supper. I was getting a little worried by 6:45 and started calling around. Jimmy told me that Daniel was just down the hill playing with Jonathan, Austin and one of their friends. Around 7:00 he came home asking, "When is supper?" I hurried and fed him and sent him to bed.
The rest of the day was nothing to write about. So I will end here for tonight.

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