Thursday, January 25, 2007

Joel's favorite things to do!

Playing with Daddy would always be his thing of choice. He is standing up in the chair that Jeff and Joel are sharing. Joel loves to stand on things!!!
Next Joel always enjoys playing with a ball. He enjoys so much putting balls inside of an old tennis ball container and "pouring" them out.
Joel has a way of getting himself into just about EVERYTHING! No space is too small for him. And no height is too tall for him.
In our house Joel is known for his LOVE of socks. You read that right. The boy loves SOCKS. He gets so excited when he finds someones socks laying around on the floor. I have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he has found clean socks, because for some strange reason he enjoys CHEWING on them. The other day when we had the Norris children over, Joel kept pestering Joshua's feet while he sat at the table playing playdough. I finally had Joshua take his socks off and hide them so that Joel would leave him alone. Honestly once the socks were off, Joel lost interest in Joshua's feet! I hope he outgrows this phase soon.
I thought that I would end with something that Joel does not enjoy doing at all. He never likes being away from our family! He doesn't care which family member he is with as long as one of us is with him at ALL times. What can I say...their are enough of us to always go around.

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Grammie said...

Can you imagine when he grows up and sees these pictures. Right now it's too cute!!

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