Thursday, February 8, 2007

He asked me to do it

I am not one of those parents who thinks all has to be fair in regard to my children, but Daniel asked so nicely I had to do it. He asked me to please take his picture while he was sleeping and post it on the blog like I did of Amy! I went into his bedroom lastnight and took a couple of pictures. I hope you don't mind me posting another picture and making my son happy. He will be thrilled to see it on here.
The weather is getting warmer here. Well I haven't actually been outside recently, but I assume it is warmer because the ice is off my windows!!
Amy is working on getting another tooth loose enough to be pulled. I don't think we had one loose tooth last year. This must be the year of the TOOTH!
I said that I would keep you posted about the weight lose, I will also keep you posted on the weight gain. I don't know how, but I gained a pound. I wanted so badly to be able to read my book this weekend, but I won't make it to five pounds by tomorrow. I will keep working at it though. I am going to win this battle!
Joel has dropped his morning nap. We are now down to one nap a day! I really like it this way. He sleeps one long nap instead of two short naps. He is getting so big. Any of you that know me well, know how excited I get when my children are no longer babies. I love watching Joel learn new things and become more independent! Life is good today!!

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