Saturday, October 11, 2008

Excuses to eat

It was there.
It was there in front of me.
It was nearby in the closet.
I may never have an opportunity to eat this particular food again.
It's hot now, and if I don't eat it, it will get cold.
It's cold now, and if I don't eat now, it will warm up.
I'm tired.
I'm wide awake.
I'm mad.
I'm sad.
I'm lonely.
I'm unhappy.
I'm happy and really should celebrate.
I gained a pound so it doesn't matter anyway.
I lost a pound so I deserve a reward.
I already ate one bite so the next 50 (until I'm stuffed) don't matter.
I already "blew" my diet so I'll just punish myself by blowing it more.
It's my favorite.
It's not my favorite but I might get hungry if I don't eat it.
This food is really special so I should appreciate it by eating it.
This food is really expensive and I don't want to waste it so I must eat it.
Everyone else is eating so I must eat too.


debi said...

Hi Judith!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment....yes, I am Jenna's mom...Joy's Aunt :)
I love your blog design...very pretty and fresh.
Looking through your blog reminds me so much of LAFC...we attended the very first one way back when.

whatsupwithus said...

This is GREAT girl!! It needs to be in a book some day....

mylifewith5kids said...

It probably is in a book somewhere! I found it on a website that I was on lastnight!!

Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

Don't forget... there won't be any left... everyone else will eat it all!

GE is me said...

While you may find this funny & cute, I unfortunately found it to be more true in my world! :( Also don't forget the one that the kids didn't finish it & instead of throwing it away, because that might be wasteful you have to eat it.
Some day maybe I'll find some self-control.

Tabitha said...

I've used all of these within the last week. :) Thanks for the smile.

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