Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random thoughts

I have been meaning to write for a long time, but with just getting home from Arizona I haven't had the time. I will attempt to write some of the many things I was going to write lately.

This is fresh on mind, so I will start here. Jeff is away for two days. Which means that I am both Mommy and Daddy for today and tomorrow. I have learned one thing today.....you know that it has been a bad day when taking the trash out seems like a vacation!! Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I did get very excited to get out of my house for 45 seconds.

I didn't know that airline service had changed SO MUCH in 18 months!! They charge you for everything now. I was afraid to go to the bathroom on the plane for fear that they would charge me for the toilet paper.

Joel woke me up the other morning. I asked him to please go get his blanket so that we could cuddle for a little while. His reply was something like this..me no can go get my bwainket.

I think that I gained two pounds today. I eat when I am stressed!! I hate it when I do it, but it comes so naturally to me.

It is very cold here. We were swimming in the lake last Friday and today my kids had to have coats on to play outside. I am SO not looking forward to winter. Just seeing the leaves change colors and fall to the ground makes me want to run and hibernate!!!

I have been trying for a LONG TIME to delete/change my name at the end of each post. I finally figured it out last night. It is gone!!! I am so excited!! I am working on making a new one all by myself. Probably not for a couple of weeks, but soon.

I have said this before, but sometimes I just have to say it again. It doesn't take five people very long at all to clean a house. I got very motivated this morning and gave each child a room to clean. They were in charge of getting rid of the clutter and the mess. I cleaned many places and helped where I was needed. Within 30 minutes we had a pretty clean house again!! I so love a clean house, I just hate having it get all messed up again so quickly. Which is why I don't bother cleaning it some days.

I really like my new haircut. It is so easy to take care of!!

My last thought...go to this link. Beautiful post!!!


Emily Jennings said...

Ok, I TOTALLY know what you mean about taking out the trash! So funny. And doesn't it just make you thankful you are NOT a single parent? I cannot imagine!!

stephanie said...

Hey Friend!
Wow you really have some neat blog sites... I've been looking at them all. Do you know Lysa personally?

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