Friday, September 26, 2008

Family night

We started our night with a canoe ride on the lake. It was great family fun.

This is Daniel not wanting his picture taken!!

Our little fisher man!

This picture is just in here to prove that I was at this family night!!

For dessert we had homemade waffle cones/bowls with ice cream sundeas in them. To end the night we played several hands of Rummy. I believe that it was a great night for all!!



stephanie said...

Awwww Judith, what fun!!! I'm so glad you found me-- because I found you in return...
looks like you have a beautiful blog as well and what a cute picture of the day!

Jennifer said...

It looks like the family had a lot of fun:)Enjoyed all the photos

Mom said...

WOW!!! What fun!!!Sounds and looks like you had a great time. How were the waffle cones/bowls? Did anyone catch any fish or did everyone just sit back and relax?When I come up next year I want that to be included in a day of fun.Pictures are great and I like the new side pictures in black & white. Great job!!!!

Pegsy said...

Sounds like a great evening! How did you make waffle cones? I'm assuming you have a special machine in the Lodge kitchen since that's where the pictures were taken! :-) I LOVE that last picture - good eye, Judith!

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