Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are home!!!

Emily and I arrived home Monday afternoon. It was a long travel day, but I had an awesome time on our first flight from Phoenix to Atlanta. I had a God ordained passenger next to me. Very early into our conversation, he mentioned that he had prayed about a specific issue. I got very excited and asked if he went to church anywhere. He does go to church and he is very passionate about the Lord!!! We spent about an hour just talking about the Lord and all the GREAT things He has done for us. He showed me lots of pictures from mission trips that he had been on. God was so good to place me next to someone that loved Him too!!!

I will write more soon. I am a little overwhelmed with getting back into the groove of things, so this is all I can write for now!!

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Kelly said...

Wow!! The pictures of AZ are great!! You make me want to go visit there sometime! Your kids are getting so big. (maybe it's just been too long since I've been to visit Bryan and Karen! -- I think it's been since Wyatt was born!!)

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