Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whats up?

Thanks for asking. I would be glad to tell you.
This week started our summer of Family Camps. We had 17 families here for the week and it was awesome!! The families just didn't want to leave this morning. I d to see them go too, but we do have 21 more families arriving Monday afternoon.
Here are some highlights of the week....

  • 8 absolutely wonderful messages preached
  • 215 homemade cinnamon rolls
  • homemade pretzels
  • lots of outside activities
  • two very long hayrides
  • fun crafts for the kids, but most importantly.....easy for the workers
  • date night for the parents
  • not getting the kids to bed before 10 o'clock any night this week
  • a tornado warning (which required all 200 people on this camp to get into four different basements! Lots of excitement, but no real reason for it! Nothing happened.)
  • LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of salad for me
  • visiting with friends that I haven't seen since last year
  • a camp fire with SMORES

God has been doing some neat things in my life this week. I am learning about how faithful my God is to me and how truly unfaithful I am to my God. Tomorrow I will TRY to type out an excerpt from a book that I am reading. It really convicted me and yet challenged me to serve God in everything I do!!


Jen said...

it wouldn't be family camp without at least one piling into the basements! been there, done that!!

Peggy said...

Oh yes, I remember, the basement of the lodge...a very scary place indeed! I'm glad you are enjoying Family Camps so much! How are the kids holding up? I'm sure they're loving it!

Jennifer said...

Wow,I spent four years in Life Action and never went to the basement. I could use some salad:) Get some rest today!!

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