Friday, May 23, 2008

Must you?

Our Joel does things NONE of the other four would ever do!

Here he is unbuckling himself from his car seat! Riding in the car has become quite the battle lately. My other children NEVER even tried this and Joel does it often.

Here is Joel's other favorite hobby.....getting himself something to eat! Just about everyday he gets into some type of food. I promise we feed the child plenty! He just likes to snack a lot!!! This WAS a brand new box of Corn Flakes. He made quite the mess with the box pieces. I told him he had to clean it all up. Look where he put some of the trash!

He drove the trash all around the house before he took it to the trash can. That is another thing that the other children never with trucks. Joel LOVES any truck he can push around.


GE is me said...

Judith, my friend Dawn, can SOOOO feel your pain(?). She is the one who has She says that about her 5th one too. I don't know if you've still been checking out her blog, but they are on an RV trip out to OK. Quite interesting to read the accounts.
Do you find yourself questioning God on what he's trying to teach you through this 5th child? :)
God Bless, -Gail

Nadine said...

Is there something about child #5?
Mine those that too....he proceeds to unbuckle as soon as he sees we are at our destination...unfortunately I am not "stopped"
Makes it pretty I do not have eyes at the back of my head and need to focus ahead to park ...I try to say as I pull up somewhere...and do NOT unbuckle Gabriel...wait till mommy stops the car...
as for boxes...yup...he does that too...I know put all cereal into containers...that way the mess is less when he goes to help himself...he grazes all day long and mine is well fed!

Good luck

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