Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Her ears aren't working?

This is a conversation that Amy and I had recently. She was up in her room and I had called her three times to come downstairs. (I know...I should have just gone upstairs and gotten her the first time, but I didn't.) This is what was said when she finally did make it downstairs!

Me- Amy why didn't you come downstairs when I first called you?
Amy- I didn't hear you Mommy.
Me- You didn't hear me?
Amy- No, Mommy I didn't.
Me- Did you hear me the first time I called?
Amy- No ma'am. (said real slowly and serious)
Me- Did you hear me the second time I called for you?
Amy- No ma'am. (said same way as above)
Me- Did you hear me the third time?
Amy- Yes, I did! (said very excitedly)
Me- Did you hear me the fourth time I called for you?
Amy- Mommy! You only called me three times! (said in a very excited reprimanding way) After the words escaped her mouth, she realized that I had gotten her to admit that she had indeed heard me all three times. You should have seen the look on her face! I regret to say that I was laughing to hard to discipline her. I will be firmer next time...I promise!!

Now that you are done reading this post, please go over to the kids blog and read today's post. I am amazed at Lauren's thinking and her ability to communicate it. God has blessed her greatly!!!

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Mom said...

I just finished reading what Lauren and Emily posted on their blog and like I told Lauren I was truely amazed and entertained at her posting. She definitely has a calling as an author, the way she expresses and gets you right involved in her writing. She must take after her Mom.
Amy Jo is really a piece of God's art.

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