Saturday, May 31, 2008

end of the SCHOOL YEAR party!!!

I am one HAPPY mommy!!! NO SCHOOL for TWO WHOLE MONTHS!!! This may sound awful, but I live for summer break! It means that I can relax for two months, I hardly see the children, and I don't have to stay in my house for hours/days on end!! YIPPEE!!!!
Today was our celebration of the beginning of our break. The party was enjoyed by all. Here are some random shots taken during the time together.

We had 35 people in all....8 adults and 27 children. All those children belonged to only 8 families and not all the children from those 8 families were even there! It was such a wonderful day!! I wish that we could do it again tomorrow!!!


Karen said...

What time? :)

Jennifer said...

I wish we could come:) May next summer? Could blog talk to you soon:)

Your sister said...

How did the tests go for the children. I bet they aced them all. Will Joey start early because you home school them. We are thinking about it for Kendall. She wants to learn so badly. She makes up songs and counts to 5. She likes to learn to say the hard words, like octopus, hospital, triangle and even spaghetti.

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