Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My week out

I am so excited. I get to drive everyday this week!!!

  • Sunday- took Peggy to her brother's house
  • Monday- got to go to the parade
  • Tuesday- Emily's orthodontist appointment took us all the way to Granger, IN, which is where all the stores are. We went shopping for camp food.
  • Wednesday- Lauren's orthodontist appointment also took us to Granger, where we shopped some more for camp food!!! We also got to watch a deer fly through the air after being hit by a car. We didn't actually see the accident, because a big semi truck was next to us. I can tell you though that out of nowhere this deer just came flying out in front of our van. It landed on the side of the road. I was worried about the driver of the car, but Lauren was only thinking about the deer.
  • Thursday- we head to Granger again to work with the kids at the church.
  • Friday- once again I head to Granger, IN for some hopefully awesome subdivision garage sales!!! I have been looking forward to these all year!
  • Saturday- we are going to Niles for the children's end of the school year party! I will post all about it and share many pictures.

I do not even want to know how much all this fuel is costing us! I am just going to enjoy the necessary time out while I get the chance.

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