Saturday, June 7, 2008

Something funny

I baby sat for 5 children tonight. It was an absolute blast!!! I just fell in love with those children. They were so helpful, obedient, and down right funny!! Here is one of the many conversations that I had with three year Addison.

Addison- Do you have a little man living here?
Me- A little man?
Addison- Yes.
Me- (playing along, because in my mind I was picturing a five inch little man living at our house) Where would I put this little man?
Addison- I don't know, but there are his shoes.
I looked toward where she was pointing, and she was right. There was a little man's pair of shoes on the floor next to me.
Me- Yes Addison, I do have a little man living here, his name is Joel!

Addison constantly made me laugh tonight! I will have to get a picture of her to share with you or better yet maybe I can get a video of her. You would so enjoy it I am totally certain!!!

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