Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For the sake of documentation

I am taking a risk that this will not be funny to anyone, except Karen and me, but being the dedicated blogger that I am.....I just had to document it anyway. Joel has been seen here at camp recently wearing his life jacket everywhere he goes. He eats in it, plays in it, swims in it, goes for bike rides in it, and the list goes on. He honestly wears it so often that people make jokes about it! He has, for some unknown reason, attached himself to this thing. I have chosen to not make a big deal about it. I allow him to wear it everywhere except........

TO BED! I draw the line there! He wanted to wear it for his nap, but I wouldn't let him. I made him take it off. I laid it at the end of the bed and told him he could have it back after his nap. I left the room and this is what I found when I came to wake him up 2 hours later.

Next time I will take it out of the room, but for this time I am glad that I didn't! It sure made for a cute picture and a funny story!!


Karen said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS! He is the determined one!
I think he's a little worried with all the rain and tornado warnings we've had in the past week! Maybe WE ALL should be wearing them!

GE is me said...

You know, you never know when one of the bigger kids just might throw you in the lake; so it is always good to be prepared! See, he's just starting his boy scout training early. (I think the bible also says something about being prepared.?)
The pix are cute though!

Peggy said...

That is too funny! I love it! That's something Sky would do! He wanted to wear his Spiderman suit to bed the other night and we had to draw the line as well!

Liz said...

That's hilarious Judith! At least you don't have to worry about water safety with him! Maybe he's going to join the coast guard when he grows up! :)

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