Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't know how much I have truly explained to you, so I will do some explaining now. We live at Life Action Camp. We have SO many wonderful amenities for serving here!!! Here are a few...we have a beautiful lake right behind our house, ALL my neighbors love the Lord, we have a huge water slide that we can use anytime (I will get a picture sometime this week), my husband walks to work EVERYDAY, there are MANY other amenities, but for security sake I don't want to broadcast them on the Internet. There is one more that I can tell you about, and it is the topic of this post! We get to eat, all three meals a day, down at the lodge during the summer months. It is buffet style. I love this SO much, but it makes trying to lose weight more of a challenge. Every summer we eat ourselves silly. We have our absolute favorite meals that we look forward to all year. When one of my favorites is served, I usually take leftovers home and then eat it for lunch the next day. With this method I always gain at least 5 pounds every summer. This summer I can't afford to gain 5 pounds, so I have had to change my thinking and my actions. I now don't look at food in the same way. I have chosen for this summer, to forget about my favorite meals. I can still have a little bit for one of the meals each day, but not twice a day. I eat my BRAN flakes for EVERY breakfast, this is the easiest part of my day. The other meals aren't real hard, because I eat a huge salad. The hard part for me is the snacks that are served each night. Last night was ice cream sundaes....I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! Tonight is homemade pretzels.....I LOVE THESE TOO!!! Thursday night is homemade cookies.....I LOVE THOSE TOO!!! Friday night is Sm ores.....I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! I am writing this post to tell you how excited I am. Last week I skipped all the snacks, but the homemade cookies (not necessarily my favorite, but I CAVED by that point in the week, I JUST HAD TO HAVE ONE..then two...then three). I failed with one snack last week, but I realized that that one snack really didn't do much for me. I felt awful after I ate those cookies. This week it is much easier for me to skip those snacks. I keep telling myself that I can have them again next year and hopefully by next year I won't feel like I need them then either!!! It really is amazing to me how much I view food as RIGHT of mine. Hey! I deserve a pretzel, sundae, or cookie. I only get them during the summer or on this date or on special occasions. I have fed myself that lie for years. I don't need those snacks, I just want them!! I am so praying that the Lord will bless my obedience and help my get rid of this last 6 pounds during this summer!! I would be SO thrilled, if I could lose weight in the midst of eating at a buffet everyday!!!


Peggy said...

You go, girl! I know you can do it! All those snacks would be ultra tempting for me too!

GE is me said...

Judith, You made a comment in your post about "how much you view food as RIGHT of mine." Not sure I'm understanding what you are trying to say here. Am asking because I've been struggling with my weight & the fact that I love to eat; or sometimes will eat just because I'm bored & there is nothing else to do.
Thanks for sharing & the insight & help.
I know you'll be able to take those last 6 pounds off.

Jennifer said...

Keep up the good work:) You will get those pounds off!!! I have a hard time with snack to:(


Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Gail, I will try to explain what I meant. I have a right to eat and I have a need to eat, but sometimes I take that right too far. Let me start with a totally different subject and see, if I can help you understand better. I have right in this country to drive my van any where I want, but if I drive my van going the wrong way on a one way street I have broken the law. I do not have a right to do that! I have a right to own and carry a gun. I even have a right to shoot that gun, but I do not have a right to just go around killing people with that gun. That would be breaking the law and I do not have a right to do that. It is the same with God. We have a right to eat and a need to eat just to survive, but when we eat more than we need we are breaking God's law. I do not have a right to just eat anything I want to eat and whenever I want to eat it! That is called gluttony and God calls that sin. My desire for ice cream and pretzels is NOT sin, eating those items is NOT sin, but when I go around and just eat those items...because they are there that is gluttony. I so often struggle with gluttony. I LOVE FOOD and I LOVE TO EAT IT!!! I went down to the lodge lastnight and helped a child make a pretzel. When it was all baked, it looked and smelled WONDERFUL, but I didn't need it and I chose not to have one. If I choose to have one next week, I am committed to plan ahead that day and eat less to save up for it! Does that make sense? Basically, if it is gluttony, it is sin and I do not have a "right" to sin!

ET said...

I hear ya on that. I'm always convincing myself that I 'deserve' this little treat or that dessert. Like, "it was such a hard day with the rain and the kids being bonkers...I deserve these Doritos." Or, "I've been working so hard and doing so good at the weight loss...I totally deserve a yummy reward of 4 pieces of birthday cake."

But really, what God wants for me (and my body wants for itself) is to be healthy and full of energy. It's so hard sometimes to resist the desires of the flesh and submit to God's will for us.

Good for you, Judith, for keeping your focus! One snack last week is perfect. You got a nice treat that you enjoyed (well, kinda), but you didn't allow it to sabotage your goals. Keep it up, girl!

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