Saturday, April 12, 2008

My new "baby"

I am so excited about what God gave to me this week! God not only gave me a wonderful deal on a brand new stove, but He also gave us the money to pay for it. Last month, a family in this ministry felt led of the Lord to give us a financial gift! Jeff gave me permission to buy a new stove at that time. I have been looking, but just never felt right about any of them until.....last Wednesday night. I was shopping at Sears with Jenny, one of my friends. While there, I went to look at electric coil stoves, because I have always been afraid of the glass top ones. As we were shopping we noticed two brand new stoves on clearance and an additional 10% off that price. I was very interested, because of the price drop. I asked about the stoves and found out that they were both glass tops. I immediately said, "No, thank you." and walked away. If I had not been with Jenny, I would not have even considered one of those stoves, but she has had a glass top for over seven years now and REALLY loves it! She set my mind at ease and I bought a $600.00 glass top stove for less than I would have paid for a low end coil stove!!! Thank you Jesus. I love my new stove!!

PS- Why on clearance? The tag said, "Opened container." As far as I can tell, absolutely nothing is wrong with the stove.....just the box that it came in had been opened at the top. I am so glad that I waited for the RIGHT stove.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you a list of my favorite blogs. The author of One Project Closer wrote to me today to let me know that he has changed his address. It is now Apparently someone recently tried to link to him through this blog. So whoever you are, this correction is for you! I hope that you enjoy his site!

This years soccer season has officially started today! Emily, Daniel, and Amy all had games the freezing cold rain sometimes sleet!! I was dressed in long johns and a pair of pants, a turtle neck, a long sleeve shirt and a T-shirt, two pair of socks, a fleece jacket and my coat that I wear in the winter, gloves and last, but not least....a hat. I also wrapped a water proof blanket around me. I can't stand the cold!!What did some of the players wear? No joke....shorts and their jersey!! All in all today really wasn't that bad, but I don't care to repeat it anytime soon! All three won their games. Daniel and Amy both made a goal, which I am sure that you will soon hear about on their blog. Emily did not make any goals, but that child is awesome to watch. She really hustles and usually passes it to someone else so that they can make the goal.


Karen said...

SOOO you were standing on your table for that picture? ;)

Thomas and Lisa said...

Great news about your new stove. The Keepsakes had their first game at 9 a.m. We won as well and were cold and wet too! This was the first game Thomas hasn't been at for the 6 years we've been playing soccer. We were disappointed he was at work and we'll be for next week's games too. Congratulations to all your winning players. I agree you have super soccer stars...we miss having a Herdklotz on our team.

fred@opc said...

Congrats on the new stove. Kim and I have had a ceramic top for a few years and absolutely LOVE it. So much easier to maintain than our previous coil version and I think that new home buyers view it as a "minimum" for purchasing now (they see coils and think work).

Peggy said...

I've had a glass top stove for over 3 years now and absolutely love it! I know you will enjoy yours! It really makes clean up so much easier. There is a special cleaner for tougher, baked on messes. Did they give you a sample when you bought the stove? If not, I'll tell you what to buy and where to get it. NEVER use other cleaners - only soap and water or this special cleaner. Enjoy!

GE is me said...

Congrats on the new stove. It looks very spiffy! Way to score a bargain.
Clarence(clearance) is one of my favorite buddies! :)
God Bless, -Gail

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