Thursday, March 6, 2008

My boys

Joel and Jeff are still sick! I am not sure that they are getting better. I hope that by later today I will see some improvement. Right now the only thing that is exciting in this house is that no one else is showing any signs of getting sick!!!! It will be a miracle, if someone doesn't get something! We have about four different things going around.

Karen (my wonderful friend, whom I love very much), if you read this PLEASE help!!! We NEED a new episode of Little Einsteins! In the last three days we have watched the 6 episodes that we do have at least a dozen times!!! I even went to the library yesterday and got Joel a ton of different cartoons. He honestly wants nothing to do with them. He ONLY wants "Stines"! HELP!!


Mom said...

I sure do feel for you with a sick child and a sick husband. I'm praying that no one else gets sick.
I love the picture of the day..Amy Jo looksdo beautiful with the blue a green colors. Love it!!!!

Karen said...

Hope your enjoying the new "stiens"

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