Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dress up

Today, they dressed up as basketball players. Lauren and Joel are still wearing their outfits. I did put socks and jeans on Joel, because he just had to be freezing in this house dressed like that! I am freezing, even though I am dressed up like an Eskimo compared to them.

Amy dressed up as a waitress. She was having so much fun serving her family. Joel really enjoys pretending to eat whatever Amy gives him. Apparently it gets him in the mood to eat his real lunch, because he devoured everything put on his tray!!

Today has been an interesting day. The children got right to school and had a lot done early in the morning. It would have been a wonderful thing, if all of them would have had a great attitude though. This dress up time really took place because I was SO busy correcting a bad attitude. The girls went up stairs to "hide"/ keep busy while I was unavoidably attained! They have learned that I can correct/ discipline much better, if they are not making a lot of noise right in the next room!! Thank you girls for understanding your mommy's needs.
School is just about done and they are going OUTSIDE to it or not! I will enjoy the peace and quiet while I clean something....anything just as long as it stays clean for longer than five minutes!!!
I started this post a few hours ago. It is now 2:45. I have had some peace and quiet. I am in the midst of cleaning six different things. I am a happy woman again!!! Sorry for the "venting"! Have a wonderful rest of the day.


GE is me said...

Judith, had to come check out your site. Oh, my girlfriend & I joke quite frequently about e-baying the kids. :) She also has 5 & homeschools. Venting- it's okay- part of the reason to have a blog. If you want to check out her blog it is She has an 18 mo. old who is an energizer bunny that knows how to climb. She's been trying to figure out how to get her homeschooling done with him around.
I plan on homeschooling mine also. We both also love NGJ.
God Bless, -Gail

Peggy said...

It's O.K. to vent! We're all here to encourage, support and pray for each other. If we don't know there's a problem, we can't pray effectively. Read my latest post - we need some extra prayer today. This morning has already been a bit rough.... But, I know God wants to show himself strong today! May God bless you and the children today!

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