Thursday, February 28, 2008

The little things

You know, the little things just make me SO happy. Here are some "little things" that have happened already this morning.

  • The fire in the wood burning stove was already burning when I got up this morning. It was nice and warm for me to sit and spend time with Jesus.
  • I was introduced to an absolutely great blog. It REALLY had me laughing this morning. My day was started out right with lots of laughter. Thank you to Gail for giving me the link. Click here, if you too need a laugh. You have to read the post from Dec. 12!!
  • My mom called to let me know that she lost her first five pounds yesterday. WAY TO GO MOM!! It is always great to hear her voice, but really great when she is so excited!!
  • The children did school with mostly great attitudes today!! (I really don't consider this a little thing, but I wanted to add it to my list anyways!)
  • Joel played very nicely while school was being done.
  • Joel has gotten into the stage of pretend playing. Today we shot at monsters. The joy in this was that it was all his idea. He was so serious about this.
  • I actually wanted to do the dishes today. Lauren was very excited when she came downstairs and I had already done her chore for her. It is very nice to go above and beyond sometimes!
  • I got two great comments from friends. Their comments really encouraged me and made me feel special. Thank you Peggy and Emily!
  • Last but not least, SPELL CHECK IS WORKING AGAIN!!!

Wow what a great day and it is only lunch time!!


Thomas and Lisa said...

Thanks for directing me to the blog. I needed the laughs and she provided several!

GE is me said...

Judith, don't know if you just read the latest post or went back & read some of the previous posts, but the girl's got it going on. :) Ok, so maybe I am a little partial since I call her my friend, but she really has been an inspiration to me in my marriage.
I actually came across your blog,well from the comment you left me, but from Jen Wade & a whole bunch of other Carolinians & previous Carolinians.
What age do your kids run from? It looks to be about 14-3ish.
Take care, God Bless & I'm sure I'll be lurking around some more.

Peggy said...

Your comment about the spell-check is so funny! I was excited about the same thing! It was stressing me out that I had to proof-read my posts so carefully! The little things make me so happy too!

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