Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Yesterday evening I was cleaning off the microwave. There were about six bottles of medicine on it.....ibuprofen, Tylenol, cough syrup, gas relief stuff for Joel, and a few more things. I was so excited to make my kitchen look clean again. Those bottles have been there since the last time we were sick in January. As I was putting these bottles away, I had a fleeting thought.....watch someone is going to get sick now! I never expected to have TWO people sick within 10 hours!

  1. Jeff came home from his date with Emily last night, about an hour after I moved the medicines, and announced that he was going to be taking today as a sick day! He has a sore throat, cough and an upset stomach.
  2. Joel woke us all up at 5:50 this morning gagging and choking. He settled down quite quickly so I wasn't sure that he was sick. Well at 8:00 this morning, he let us KNOW that he IS sick. I will spare you the details, but he has the stomach flu.

I have learned my lesson. I will leave well enough alone next time and just live with the clutter on the microwave!!! (HA HA) I hope that you are all doing better at your house, then we are doing at ours!

On a totally different note, Jeff bought a pencil sharpener for the kids last night. I asked him to buy one to replace the three that we have lost and can't seem to find. I opened the sharpener last night and Jeff sharpened some pencils for school today. The children got right to school and I started cleaning. I found the first sharpener in the fruit bowl. I found the next one between the toaster oven and a huge stack of papers. Yes, I did find the third one soon after. It was hiding behind the kindling box. I promise you, we have been looking for these sharpeners for over a week now. I really wasn't even looking for them when I found them. I was just cleaning. So what was it that made these sharpeners be found? Was it that we just bought a new one or was it that I wasn't looking for them anymore?

PS- I found one more sharpener! We didn't have any yesterday, now we have 5!!!


Your Sister said...

Now each child will have a sharpner to keep track of, and see who is the last one to keep their's.
Your package went out yesterday, through the mail. I think your weather will determine when you will receive it.
Hope your bug doesn't get to everyone.

lisatatj said...

Judith, you are so silly, of course you found it when you were cleaning! that is the only way to find things...clean...isn't that when you always find things...that's the way for me

is your family still sick?

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