Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lovin' the rain

Not often will I or can I say that I am lovin' the rain, but today I am! It is not too bad outside right now. It is raining and it is cold, but it is NOT SNOWING!!! It feels wonderful to have it rain, when the alternative is snow. One more example of perspective!
My diet is going great. I love Weight Watchers! You can choose whatever you want to eat. Each food item is worth a certain amount of points, there are some that are even worth zero points! Some of my favorite things that I have eaten so far.......homemade chocolate chip cookies, cheese filled ravioli, water, bran flakes, and string cheese sticks!! This is making me hungry. I better go eat something. I will stress that at the point level that I am at right now, I actually don't need all the points, but real soon I will be dropping a level and then things will get TOUGH!!!

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