Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How can they stand it?

Thanks to the invitation from Carter and Hayden, today my children went outside into the "God made freezer!!" This is no joke. It is so cold out right now. I was freezing just going outside to check on the kids to make sure that they hadn't turned into ice cubes!!! As you can see, Joel didn't freeze to death, but his poor little cheeks are still red. How can children stand playing out in this stuff?


Karen said...

thanks for the pic of my van in your pic of the day!:)

Peggy said...

I don't know how they stand it, but mine do it all the time! It's a good thing when their cheeks are bright red.... Twice this year we've experienced frost bite - that's when their cheeks turn white. Just a week and a half ago, Sara came in and both of her cheeks had big white splotches on them. I felt like a really bad mom, but who knew? There were a bunch of other kids outside too, so I was on the phone warning all the moms to check on their kids!

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