Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Family fun!!

Jeff worked 20 hours this weekend, so today was his day off! We decided to have some family fun. This morning we did school and then after lunch we ALL went out to play in the snow.

This is basically what Joel did the entire time he was outside.....ate snow!!

This is the hill right out our front door. Not nearly as fun as the tubing hill though!!

Emily wasn't much into playing today. She laid in the snow A LOT!

Daniel just enjoyed being outside and NOT doing school! Which reminds me....he never did finish his school work for the day. His motto is....Do everything you can to avoid getting school done!

Lauren and I were out there, I promise! I never take pictures of myself and the picture of Lauren did not come out too well. I may not have a picture of me, but I do have an exact quote of mine while playing in the snow. I was being hit with snow balls and I yelled out for ALL to hear......Stop snowing throw balls!! We all had a great laugh and from then on snow balls were called throw balls! What a special day of making memories!


Mindy said...

I know this doesn't compare to the amount of snow you have in Michigan but...we had our first snow today! It wasn't even an inch but it sure was pretty on the ground. The ice on the roads was the bad part. Tennesseans DO NOT know how to drive on a dry road, let along a wet or icy or snowy one!

I'm very excited about my trip up there come May! So excited to see everyone!

Mom said...

You all can have your snow, I'll have fun hiking and enjoying the warm weather. BUT, it did look like you were all having fun. I'll bet you all slpet good.

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