Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Humor me!!

I just had to write something today, because of yesterday's post. It was very hard to see the top of my blog saying, "Counting my blessings" and the first post talking about my bad attitude. I didn't realize how convicting the title would be for me!!

I read a blog yesterday that did something VERY fun. I am going to copy this great idea, because I am out of my own creative ideas for the day. Recently when I get on my blog page, I see that the "you are number" counter has gone up alot!! I am very excited about this, but I have NO idea who you are! I would love it, if ALL of you that read this blog would post a comment on this post. It does not have to be today, but as soon as your read this. When you comment, please leave your name, where you are from and your favorite season of the year. You do not have to sign in or have a blog page to do this, you can just use the "Anonymous" button when you are done posting. I will know who you are, because you will have left your name anyway. PLEASE EVERYONE DO THIS.....FOR ME!! (even you Dad!)
My goal is to get at least 15 comments posted. Okay out there, who are you?


Karen said...

Your nosey neighbor... Karen
Next door

ET said...

Tyler :)
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Mom said...

Peoria, AZ (Where you would like to be right now.)
Spring ( Because summer is just too hot)
Love you and hope you get your comments.

Your Sister said...

Your sister Joann.
I called Dad to tease him about your blog. He hadn't checked yet today. He wanted to know what he did wrong.
Titusville, Fl
I have flowers all year, so I have no favorite season.

Thomas and Lisa said...

Your friend, Lisa...early summer that's why I'll enjoy the Philippine climate.

Jen said...

el paso, tx

Louise said...

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

I occasionally bump over here from Tom and Lisa's site. Little did I know my friend Tyler does the same!!


Jen said...

Hi Judith~
I am a fellow Christian and mom of 5 (5 months to 8) and love reading your recaps of your daily life. Your house
seems like so much fun!!! I live in WEnatchee, Wa and I love Spring and Fall and Summer... but mostly summer be`cause my hubby is a teacher at our local classical christian school and he and my children have the whole time off. Love it.

Anonymous said...

currently at grandma and grandpas
Summer (I spent the most time w Uncle Dick and my dad during the summer)

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Emily Jennings
Bismarck North Dakota
Summer for sure

lisatatj said...

Lisa Smith
Buchanan, MI

Peggy said...

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Sorry this took me awhile! Spare time has been non-existent around here lately! :-) That's really neat you have two readers from Red Deer! That's only about 1 hour and 15 min. north of Airdrie!

GE is me said...

Gail from Woonsocket, RI

favorite season, spring because everything is coming alive again.

But I really enjoy my 4 seasons.

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