Saturday, February 9, 2008


It took me this long to know what I wanted. Brandy was SO great to work with. She was patient with my lack of direction and her goal was to totally please me!! She was willing to do whatever I asked for. She is very good at what she does. Let me encourage you to look her up, if you are wanting to get your own blog design!!!! You can click on her name at the begining of this post or there is a link on the bottom left hand side of this page.

Here is a little glimpse into the process of this new design.

  1. I had to find a digital scrapbooking kit that I liked. (I found mine off of
  2. I emailed the title of my favorite kit to Brandy.
  3. She bought it and downloaded it.
  4. I emailed her the pictures of the children.
  5. Brandy went to work on it and sent me a proof of the header.
  6. I was able to change anything I wanted. (Did I mention how wonderful she is to work with?)
  7. Next she got to work on the background.
  8. She sent me a proof of the finished product.
  9. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.
  10. She then put it up on my blog page. (Thank you Brandy!!!)

Once I finally made up my mind, this whole process took less than 24 hours. It might not be that quick for everyone. Brandy just seemed to know what I wanted and we didn't have to change much at all!!!


Brandy said...

I am really glad you like it!! I had a lot of fun doing it! It might be my favorite so far!!

Karen said...


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Ooooooooooh. I LOVE it.

Mom said...

I rushed right in after I heard your voice message and turned my computer on. Sweetheart, this is you all the way. If you had done it all by yourself, this is what I would have expected you to do. Great job! The updated pictures fit right sure can tell these children belong to you as each picture has a bit of your personality. Love you

Jen said...

i absolutely love it! i am going to be brandy's customer VERY soon. i'm on my way to picking out my digital scrapbook layout. YEAH for you Judith!!!!

Peggy said...

OK, I have been looking for this post! I saw your new look a couple of days ago and I think it's awesome! I just kept saying to myself, "How did she do that?!" Now I know! I'll have to look into it, cause I'm very bored with my blog right now!

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