Friday, February 8, 2008

No joke

Here are some fun facts about our week....

  • We consumed at least 15 pounds of apples.
  • We are eating our second ten pound bag of potatoes. The children were introduced to the joys of baked potatoes and they are loving them!
  • I have no idea how many bananas we have eaten, but I know that it is bunches and bunches and bunches.
  • Amy now knows that Eskimos are people and not just something you do with your nose.
  • Joel takes his nap everyday in our bed. This morning I had put the phone down on my bed and forgot about it. During Joel's nap today, he had rolled over on the phone and turned it on. We didn't find out about it for at least three hours! That was why my computer wouldn't dial up!
  • Someone dances with Joel before every nap. Jeff started this new tradition. It is called the Binky Dance. Whomever the lucky person is at that moment, Joel grabs their hands and together they jump up and down and they both chant...The Binky Dance, The Binky Dance...! It is a cute thing to behold. After the dance is done, Joel gets his beloved binky and off to bed he goes.
  • Joel went blind today. Okay, not really, his hat fell over his eyes while outside playing and he couldn't see a blessed thing!
  • Joel requested that Amy get a break from school. He said to me, "Bwake Mommy, bwake!" He wanted her to play with him. It worked, Amy was soon free to play with Joel.
  • Vick's vapor rub is one of my best friends.
  • One of the children that I teach on Thursday night, thought that Emily was ME! Emily had walked past this child and she called out to Emily, "Miss Judith, Miss Judith?" It was so funny to hear her doubt that Emily was me. At that point I walked past the child and said, "Hi, Gabby!" You should have seen her face. She had this very confused look on her face and then a huge smile!
  • Jeff and I are babysitting tonight. He is at home with nine children and I am next door at Karen's house watching her three. Yes, this is fair. Most of Jeff's children are old enough to take care of themselves, NOT SO at Karen's house!!

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